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This website presents information on previous and upcoming symposia featuring discussions of novel and emerging treatment options for CD30+ lymphomas by leading experts, with a focus on optimizing the management of patients in daily practice. Click on the relevant link for details of planned symposia and to access a wide range of materials – programmes, faculty details, PDFs, and webcasts – from previous events.

CD30 was first described more than three decades ago; it was, and continues to be, an ongoing and exciting field for scientific interest. Initially found to be expressed on malignant cells in Hodgkin lymphoma (HL), soon after it was also found on anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (ALCL) cells, and current research shows that it is expressed on a wide variety of lymphomatous cells.

The clinical relevance of these discoveries is that CD30 serves as an attractive target for CD30 antibody–drug conjugates. Encouraging results of clinical trials have demonstrated the clinical benefits of CD30-targeted therapy in HL and sALCL, and we continue to build our knowledge through continuing clinical trial development programmes and experience with patients in daily practice. The clinical profile of CD30-targeted therapy is currently being investigated in other CD30+ lymphomas, including CTCL and DLBCL.

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